Plating Jewellery


The electroplating process, measured in microns, coats the base metal with a coating of another metal in the required thickness using electricity. The result has an opulent, long-lasting layer, providing the jewellery with an effortlessly perfect appearance. Gold is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish, rust, or corrode.

Jewellery that has been gold-plated gives the appearance of real gold without needing to be produced entirely of the metal. Many people cannot afford to own a piece of real gold jewellery since the metal is so expensive. The beauty of gold plating is that it gives a piece all the characteristics of real gold without breaking the bank.

Owing to these excellent characteristics, a lot of people decide to cover objects that may otherwise produce issues if exposed to harmful environments or trigger an allergic reaction. When it comes to costume jewellery composed of metals like brass, bronze, silver, copper and nickel, gold plating prevents the item from corroding too rapidly and, more crucially, from colouring your fingers green. For example, when human perspiration comes into touch with brass, it quickly corrodes due to the presence of sodium chloride or salt in sweat. This problem is fully resolved if it is appropriately gold-plated. Furthermore, the overall worth significantly improves after gold is added, even if it is only a thin layer of gold plating.

The longevity of the coatings might range from several months to several years, contingent upon the calibre of the electroplating process, technique, and storage circumstances.


For a white gold look, jewellers don’t plate in white gold, they plate in rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal known for its brilliant shine and durability, making it the perfect choice for enhancing the beauty of your jewellery. This not only enhances the appearance of the jewellery but also provides added protection against tarnishing and scratching. White gold is a popular choice for jewellery due to its elegant appearance, but over time, it can lose its shine and luster. Electroplating rhodium on white gold can rejuvenate your pieces, giving them a fresh and vibrant look.

Alternatively, if you have a special piece in yellow gold but you would prefer white gold, electroplating rhodium on yellow gold can add a modern twist to your jewellery, creating a striking contrast between the two metals. For more exotic looks, rhodium plating can be done in black or green.

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Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of white gold or the traditional allure of yellow gold, electroplating can elevate the beauty of your jewellery collection. Say goodbye to dull and tarnished pieces, and hello to sparkling and durable jewellery that will last a lifetime.

So why wait? Treat yourself to the luxury of electroplating in gold or thodium on your white gold and yellow gold jewellery pieces today. Your jewellery deserves to shine bright like a diamond and with rhodium electroplating, it can do just that. Please contact us at Valle Designs & Co.

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