Resizing rings

Ways to Make a Ring Bigger

Resizing a ring to a larger size usually involves a little more work than resizing it to a smaller one. Various ways may be employed by jewellers to accomplish this, contingent on the required size of the ring.

Stretching: Jewellers may use this technique if a ring needs to be made up to one and a half sizes larger. It entails extending the band of the ring and stretching the metal. However, since this procedure can weaken the ring’s structure and deform its shape, it has to be used extremely carefully.

Adding a piece of metal: Jewellers can cut the band and add a piece of metal to make it larger.

Eroding the Inside: If the ring has a decent thickness to it, metal can be sanded off the inside of the band in order to make the finger size larger.

How to Make a Ring Smaller in Size

It is usually easier to make a ring smaller than vice versa. Resizing a ring that is too big is usually simpler than resizing one that is too tight.

Reducing: A ring can be reduced in size with a reducing machine which applies pressure to the ring in order to lower the finger size.

Removing: A tiny portion of the ring’s shank will be cut out in order to reduce its size. The ring’s band will then be reshaped by jewellers into a perfect circle, and the two ends will be soldered together. You won’t be able to tell that the ring was sized down after polishing and cleaning.

Types of Rings That Are Not Easily Sizeable

  • Eternity Rings because of the continuous setting of stones
  • Patterned Rings
  • Tension Set Rings
  • Tungsten and Titanium Rings

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